About us

Our Company was established in Luton, motor vehicle and hat manufacturing town in Bedfordshire in 1943 by Mr. John Theobald (who was himself involved with sewing machines since the 1920s). Our 71, Wellington Street, Luton shop was open from 1951 until 2018 when we removed to Weymouth.

The photo below shows Mr J. F Theobald and Mrs I.M. Theobald with their son Robert, present Managing Director and Mrs Goss (an employee at the time). The van was a brand new Bedford, very hard to obtain at that time (because the factory had been turned to war work).

This photo was taken circa 1960. It shows Mr J.F. Theobald and representatives, from left to right: Tony Burch, Leonard Attersall, Raymond Jupp, John Pateman and Allan Milner.  

Advertisment published in the Luton News circa 1960
Note that telephone numbers in those days had 4 digits!
Cartoon artist: Gwen Warren