This is a genuine precision built industrial machine presented in a portable format.

It can tackle many sewing tasks, such as:

* General seaming and piping (welting) in upholstery fabrics.

* For anyone working with heavy materials, draperies, leather, quilting, etc.

* For classic car restorers (upholstery and binding of carpets).

* For caravans (insertion of zip fasteners, cushions (plain and piped), repairing awnings and tents, etc.).

* For boats (repair sails, bolt ropes, etc.).

* Aircraft interiors.

* For sewing very thick seams in Irish dance dresses, etc.

* For horse owners. To stitch horse blankets (New Zealand rugs) and leather.

* Professional upholsterers will find a Bigfoot portable machines a useful and practical addition to their industrial workshop sewing machines when they need to work on site (for example when fitting out pubs and clubs).

* Bigfoot machines are ideal machines for outworkers who are producing piped cushions in heavy fabrics from home (these machines are much quieter than industrial sewing machines).


* Bigfoot RZZ9 is a powerful and versatile sewing machine. It does straight and zigzag stitches.

* This machine has a generous foot lift clearance of about 3/8" (9mm).

* Straight stitches of up to approximately ¼†(6.5 mm) long can be sewn. Zig Zag up to 9 mm long (12 mm zig zag model RZZ12 available to order).

* Bigfoot RZZ9 has three needle positions: left centre right. Allowing you to make buttonholes and which also serves as a useful seam allowance guide.

* Bigfoot RZZ9's feeding capability is very efficient as it has a large feed dog with powerful teeth. This allows you to produce even stitches in demanding jobs.

* BigFoot RZZ9 has a fully adjustable sprung reverse stitch lever and built-in bobbin winder.

* Bigfoot RZZ9 has a powerful 75 watt 1/10th horse power double insulated motor. The motor amperage is rated at 0.8 amps. Motor belt guard is supplied.

* With Bigfoot RZZ9 machines you can control the stitching speed, from 0 up to approximately 2000 stitches per minute. Giving you much more control making this machine ideal for any application in thick or thin fabric.

* Industrial sewing machine clutch motors use about 3 amps constantly (not just when you press the pedal to start sewing), Bigfoot RZZ9 machines use just 0.8 amps only when you press the pedal to sew. That is a big electricity saving!.

* Bigfoot RZZ9 machines use industrial sewing machine needles and bobbins. The needles are available in many thicknesses and types to enable the owner to best tackle different jobs.

* Bigfoot can easily use threads up to size 40. Ask us for advice on threads.

* The foot pressure can easily be changed to sew in different weights of fabric by means of a knurled screw.

* Weight 25 kg (54 pounds approx).

* Machine supplied with rheostat foot control.

* Heavy duty stainless steel grab handle.

* Take up lever guard and needle guard supplied.

* The machine body of Bigfoot RZZ9 is of sturdy cast iron construction and it is mounted in a steel base.

* Although Bigfoot RZZ9 sewing machines are designed to be portable (special steel base with non-slip rubber bottom eliminates the need of cut-out table), we can also provide on request an industrial type formica on birch ply table top (normally 20" x 22") mounted on a special stand with lockable casters.

* Due to the design of the machine bed, cylindrical items from approximately 43 cm (17") circumference or more may be sewn. The machine can also be permanently fixed at the edge of any sturdy table to facilitate the stitching of such items.

Included with the machine are:

* Standard straigh/zig-zag foot.
* Zip foot.
* Instruction book.
* Plastic coated cast iron thread stand provided. This stand is a great economiser, as all sizes of thread cone or reel up to 10,000 m can be used.
* Take up lever guard.
* Needle guard.
* Needles.
* Oil.
* Bobbins.
* Large and small screwdrivers.

More than a hundred specialised feet and attachments available including:

* Teflon foot for sewing leather and rubberised items (for example, wet suits).
* Single and double piping (welting) feet.
* Invisible zip feet.
* Folders. hemmers and binders.
* Gathering feet.
* Foot for free hand embroidery work, darninig, monogramming and repairs.
* Automatic buttton hole attachment
* Please enquire for any other special needs.

Optional extras

* 12v led needle light.
* Heavy balance wheel for hand operation on board yachts or where electric power is not available.

Sewing sample on request.

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We take care to offer quality machines at reasonable prices.

We back up the guarantee on our machines. We don't send you back to the manufacturers. We have our own workshop and many years of experience. We deal with any guarantee problem you may have.

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